Health, fitness and therapy experts taking you from strength to strength.



Join us on our Reboot France and Gastronome Fitness and Yoga Retreat weeks in France. Named by the Guardian as one of the top yoga and mindfulness retreats!


Our health, fitness and therapy experts want to help you go from strength to strength.

Get better and better. Fitter and happier. And ultimately become the best physical and mental version of yourself. We offer all sorts of ways of making it happen. Sign up for a Human MOT screening session or take part in our online Surf Fit programme, giving you the flexibility to take part anywhere in the world. 

Current and past successes include big wave surfers Andrew Cotton and world record holder Garrett McNamara, double Olympic gold medal cyclist Victoria Pendleton, world surf champion Gabriel Medina, WCT surfer Miguel pupo and professional female surfer and model Alana Blanchard. We don’t just work with professional athletes though. On a daily basis we help new Mum’s find their fitness again, get deskbound workers up and running and rehabilitate people battling injuries and annoying niggles to get them moving again. 

Not sure what you’re after? Get in touch and we’ll chat through what we can do for you. 

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Here’s what people have to say about working with Bay Fitness

  • I am completely hooked on your Bootcamp sessions. Can't believe how the hour flies by and how much fitter and stronger I am already after a couple of months. Thanks Blakey, you're a total star!
    — ALI HUME
  • Blakey keeps us moving and laughing so much that you don't notice how hard you are working until the end when you feel you've had more than your money's worth
  • I've been to dozens and classes but working out with Bay Fitness is by far my favourite, nothing has even been this effective or fun, yes you heard me right i said "FUN!" If the many benefits of laughter are true then look no further as you've hit the jackpot with Bay Fitness. Andrew Blake is a character amongst characters to say the least. It's not just fun though beach bootcamp is hard work. I found it hard the first time I went but you get to work at your own pace with tons of encouragement, there's no pressure
    — Western Morning News
  • I was worried I wasn't fit enough to join a group boot camp class but Blakey is so enthusiastic and always offers easier options for beginners.
    — Lorna Giles