Nutrition for Surfers


Nutrition for surfers

Nutrition for athletes is very different than for sedentary people. Your body needs calories to energise, fuel your sessions, and help you repair faster. It’s the type of calories you take in that needs consideration.


You need to optimise your glycogen (stored energy) levels. Eat low glycaemic index carbohydrates. (Porridge, Sweet pototoes, wholemeal pasta, beans, lentils, vegetables). Recent studies have shown that eating lean protein with your LGI carbohydrates can further slow down the rate at which your body absorbs the energy. This enables you to work at higher intensities for longer periods of time.

Post surf

You need lean protein to repair and antioxidants to boost immunity.

  • Eat Fish, Chicken, Quinoa, Lentils, Beans, Pulses, chick peas.
  • Fresh Bright coloured vegetables full of antioxidants to suppress free radical development from increased O2 debt.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables – Phytochemicals
  • Good fats to reduce LDL Cholesterol and enable you to absorb antioxidants.

To get all of this in one hit I recommend heading to the Blue Groove for a super food salad. The Quinoa is a complete vegetable protein, meaning it contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids to aid muscle repair and growth. The Dark green vegetables are full of phytochemicals & antioxidants which boost immunity by suppressing the free radical development from the Oxygen Debt. The fish helps you absorb these antioxidants, reduces your LDL cholesterol levels, and makes you swim a lot faster. Oh and do remember to have a pint of water with your first pint of beer.

Jennie Lewis