Reduce the ageing process part 3 - CONTROL BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVELS


When we eat we use the hormone Insulin to prevent excessive rises in blood glucose. Insulin converts the glucose we consume so it can be stored in muscle or used as energy. Over time your body can become desensitised to this insulin making it less effective in controlling your blood sugar levels. This leads to an increased risk of Diabetes, cardiovascular and heart disease in later life. If we can manage these blood glucose fluctuations we can therefore help prevent these diseases. 

Fantastic news. How? 

Eat less 

The Japanese claim we should only eat until we’re 80% full. (IKIGAI, 2016) Some studies have shown that throwing out big plates and using smaller plates has worked. 

Calorie restriction. 

Fasting or having large gaps between meals has become very popular in the last few years with research indicating great benefits to longevity, your cells and immunity. 

Interestingly enough 10 years ago when I was lecturing Sport Nutrition I was teaching the complete opposite! That we need to eat small meals regularly to kickstart our metabolic rate and make our bodies efficient at burning and using energy with good fuel and good recovery. (Thermoneogenesis). 

Current research suggests that having breaks between your meals gives your system a chance to recover, regenerate and rest. A lot of recent studies recommend eating all your food in an 8-12 hour window. Have dinner at 6pm then don’t eat again until 8am, 10am, or 12pm. Current empirical and anecdotal research shows that fasting can regenerate cells , get rid of senile cells which become inflamed and lead to disease and have similar effects to a stem cell injection. 

For me both of these philosophies have substance and I still believe that a fast efficient metabolism for active people taking on good fuel regularly and burning fat efficiently is important. However I definitely see the benefits if giving the system a rest, regenerating cells and reducing inflammation with periods of not eating. At present, myself, I require fuel when teaching and working long days so 1 day a week I’m trying to eat in an 8 hour window. As the future comes I will be attempting to do this more and decrease my bodies reliance on glycogen and food after years of eating and training. 

Slow down blood glucose response

Exercise to reduce amount of Insulin required to convert what you eat into energy. Have Cinnamon with your porridge to slow down the glycemic effect of your food. Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in red in red wine, and apple cider vinegar with water in the morning have all been proved to manage the glycemic response and control blood glucose. Hang on, did you say drink red wine? Yes I did. In a 2017 study it was shown that drinking 1 glass of red wine a day is good for your heart. (Circulation Journal, 2017) It has also been proven to reduce anxiety, stress and stop you caring about things that aren’t important. 

Pre breakfast fasted exercise 

Take a walk or do some strength training before breakfast. Pre breakfast fasted exercise has been shown to enhance muscles ability to use glucose rather than store it as fat. 


Did you read that right? Chew your food and practice mindful eating. This is something I’ve got to work on as always eat far to quickly. I’m trying now to meditate with each mouthful giving 100% attention to each taste.

If you didn’t read that right, you are a wanker 😂 but don’t worry untethering yourself from your libido has also been proven in recent fabricated empirical investigations to help burn fat and feel better about life.

Reduce Stress 

Physical and emotional stress cause a spike in cortisol and epinephrine which raise the glucose levels in the blood. Remember it is between stills and response that we have power to change the physiology of the body and the chemistry of our mind. We can’t choose what happens to us but we can always choose our response.

If you want to practice managing your blood glucose levels and making your metabolism extremely efficient at processing incredible French food, come and train mind, body , breath and movement with us in France this September.

Peace, love and vegetables


Rebecca Cardew