Massage therapy


Where does it hurt?

Injuries are a real pain. So we offer, hands on therapy, massage, injury rehabilitation and programming targeting individual needs with a goal to reducing recurring injuries.

The most frustrating thing with injuries is just when you think you’ve beaten them, they rear their ugly heads and put you back on the couch.

That’s why our experienced, fully qualified therapists offer treatment that goes the distance. This usually means strengthening key muscles around the affected area to protect the injury, speed up recovery and stop it happening again. You will leave with a program to help you improve your posture, address imbalances, and decrease the likelihood of the injury happening again.


What’s the process?

  • Expert, in-depth consultation
  • Posture analysis
  • Range of movement test
  • Sports massage
  • Tailored rehab programme to strengthen and mobilise key areas and ease everyday movement
  • Follow-up sessions (if you need them)

How much is it?

Therapy and rehab - 90 mins £45
Ideal for clients with existing injuries. Will work towards identifying predisposing and maintaining factors to the clients specific injury. Massage and muscle energy techniques to ease tension locally and in areas that maybe contributing to the injury. Exercise rehab plan to include short term and long term goals.

Massage therapy - 60 mins £30
1 hour of soft tissue massage, muscle energy techniques and gentle joint mobilisation. Perfect for clients with injuries or long term postural aches and pains. A great opportunity for an all over body M.O.T or maybe just chance to relax for a hour and give your body a treat.

Physical therapy & injury Rehabilitation - 60 mins £40
Working on compensatory patterns to improve movement and reduce the chance of injury in the long term. We will work to strengthen specific muscles to protect the injury, release tension and mobilise key areas.

Tandem massage - 30 mins £30, 60 mins £60
The ultimate in relaxation. A rare treat for you body and brain. Tandem means two therapists working on one client at the same time, simultaneously. It enables us to cover all the major muscle groups and spend longer on them.  If you love massage, you will love this!

Rebecca Cardew,  sports massage therapist, degree in osteopathy
Chloe smith, sports massage therapist, IIHHT, IIST
Andrew Blake, sports massage therapist

We think our injury treatments are the bee’s perfectly functioning knees. But here’s what our clients say.

  • You are an incredibly special person with a wonderful healing talent. Thank you for today
    — Jen Lewis, July 2015, after a treatment from Rebecca
  • Thank you so much for today. It was great meeting you both. We were so impressed with both my massage and Jenny’s rehab session and plan. Will definitely be back
    — Alison, July 2015, The French Escape Spa and wellbeing,
  • I’ve had sciatica for over a year and spent hundreds on chiropractors, orthopaedic surgeons, and anesthesiologists. I can honestly say that what you’ve done for me makes more sense than any of it and if it wasn’t for your therapy, I wouldn’t have been able to surf all week.
    — Steve Lynch, Namotu Island, Fiji