Mind Fit

Talks, workshops, seminars for sports teams, business’s and corporate events.

Optimise the potential of your mind. Learn to control your emotional state, access a state of flow, recover to improve rest and sleep, manage anxiety and depression.

Having worked with professional big wave surfers for several years we came to realise that these methods were relevant to anybody and everybody and can be applied to improve performance and efficiency at work, in your sport, at home and in your life. In the last two years we have worked with:

  • Arsenal Football Club

  • Wigan Warriors rugby league champions 2018

  • Saracens rugby union champions 2018

  • Worlds business leaders such as google and Uber at the Web Summit in Portugal

  • Redbull UK

  • BBDO. Worldwide advertising company with 15000 employees.

  • We have appeared on Brazilian TV channel (Canel Off) working with professional surfers in Portugal.

  • And in 2019 we have plans to work with Exeter Chiefs rugby, Durham County Cricket and You!

  • Our method takes the best bits from our qualifications and experience in Yoga, Meditation, Free diving, Sport Psychology, Pranayama,  University Lecturing,  Teaching,  Wim Hoff method, Sports Coaching, Training, big wave surfing and makes it relevant to your sport, your life and your business.


Whether you want to train your mind to better manage stress, To access a state of flow or to help you recover, rest and sleep after an adrenaline filled day we can offer you and your teammates/colleagues some useful tools and advice to gain a new perspective, to energise, to communicate, to resolve conflict and to train the mind as we train the body.

We can help you:

  • Learn how to stay calm under stress. In almost every discipline the most successful people have an ability to stay calm and deepen their focus under pressure. Even use stress as an inspiration.

  • Avoid a downward spiral. Develop an ability to be present and surrender to your thoughts.

  • Cultivate resilience.

  • Be at your most efficient. Energise and improve body’s ability to extract oxygen from the cells. We have all experienced those moments where everything flows, everything is easy and we are at are most efficient. Imagine if there was a button you could press to access this state. We are going to give you one!

  • To manage sports injury mentally and continue to be able to train the body physiologically and get similar benefits to altitude training when injured.

  • Recover. The better you are at switching off the better you can be in the moments that matter. Recently at Arsenal Freddie Ljunberg the u23 coach said he had lots of trouble sleeping after games due to high adrenaline and cortisol levels. He really enjoyed the techniques we shared to change the physiology of the body and access a parasympathetic state.