Retreat yourself

Get right away from it all and give your brain and body a chance to catch up

Life is now more busy, demanding, sedentary and baffling than ever before. And it’s not very good for you. A week long all-you-can-eat-and-drink binge in the sun might offer some light relief, but really you need to reset and recover.
Our Retreats give you the chance to rejuvenate, regenerate, re-energise, relax, and re-everything else that’s good for you.

Reboot France 2019

Reboot France 2020

Get right away from it all and give your brain and body a chance to catch up. A jam packed week of surfing, cycling, hiking, yoga and relaxing with healthy and incredible french cuisine.

9 – 16 May 2020
19 – 26 September 2020


Gastronome 2019

A special week of beautiful, nutrient dense food from top chef Simon Browne. On top of the usual fun activities of yoga, surfing, cycling, bootcamp and more you will eat some of the best food of your life with fantastic company. Sounds good to us.

16 – 23 May 2020
26 September – 3 October 2020


Surf Fit Nazare

Designed by big wave surfer Andrew Cotton and Bay Fitness' trainer to the stars Andrew Blake, our surf retreats work on and give you the tools to improve your overall fitness, breathing, flexibility, core strength, mental outlook, diet and surf specific fitness.

Just wanted to tell you guys thanks for an amazing week and for all of the love and heart you put in to it. You are special people and these retreats are a gift that must really have a deep impact on so many — not only in the skills they obtain but in the sense of belonging and care you cultivate. Had some many great moments that moved across the range of emotions from lots of laughter to deep moments of introspection.
— Josiah, CNN

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