“Your healthy shoulders for surfing video is amazing, completely fixed my shoulder”
Andrew Cotton, Sept 2016

Make sure you're fit and ready for your next surf trip

Going from your normal life to suddenly surfing up to 5 hours a day can be very demanding physically and mentally. It’s the equivalent of running 6 marathons in 6 days and only running once or twice a week in preparation.

We've designed this programme to help you prepare for your next session, no matter what level of surfing you are at. It will help you protect your shoulders, your back, your hips and make sure your body is functional in the movement patterns you need for your trip.

Not sure how to prepare?

The idea of this program is to quantify your training. We will assess you through consultation, a series of range of movement, fitness, posture and health tests. Then give you some specific goals and make you a program based on your assessment and results. I want to make sure you work on all the fitness components and energy systems required to be at your best. I want to look at your mind and how sport psychology can help you. I want to give you some techniques to optimise the potential of your mind. Essentially we want you to be the very best version of yourself wherever you surf.

From Gabriel Medina and Garret McNamara to complete beginners we have the experience, and passion to help you. This is not a general fitness program you can find on the internet or in a book. This is a very comprehensive personalised, tailored program specific to you, your needs, your imbalances, your injury concerns, your areas for development.

What’s included in the personalised 6 week program?

  • Individual needs analysis assessment a series of tests to measure your range of movement, and surf specific fitness components.

  • A personalised client profile booklet outlining your results, SMART goals and assessment.

  • Weekly training plan

  • Personalised surf specific strength & conditioning videos that you can download on your phone and perform anywhere.

  • Personalised surf specific mobility videos that you can perform in your living room, specific to your needs.

  • Breathing technique videos and programs used by the best big wave surfers in the world to optimise the potential of your mind and your lungs

  • A daily prehab program to target any imbalances, injuries, areas of vulnerability outlined in your assessment.

  • Outdoor cardiovascular sessions specific to the energy systems required when surfing

  • Swim sessions used by Andrew Cotton, Jamie Mitchell and Garret McNamara to replicate the demands of a surf session.

  • Surf specific warm up video for you to adapt before your surf sessions

  • A surf recovery routine to help protect your body, recover faster, and reduce chance of injury on your surf trip

  • 6 week nutrition plan to optimise the benefits of your training

  • Personalised 6 week program

  • Be the best you can be for the trip of a lifetime for GBP £199 / US $275

“I train(ed) with Blakey in Fiji. It (was) always so fun. All the training copy (ies) the demands of surfing. I always beat him at the end with my Jiu Jitsu.”
Gabrielle Medina, Surf world champion, 2014

About Andrew

Andrew has been fortunate enough to work with surfers and athletes of all levels to complete beginners to professional surfers, international sports teams and Olympic athletes. In surfing he works closely with UK big wave surfer Andrew Cotton and Hawaiian world record holder Garret Mcnamara of whom recently flew to the UK to carry out 2 weeks of rehab with Andrew and his team after his shoulder injury at Mavericks.

Andrew has also worked with world champion Gabriel medina, Miguel pupo, Bruno Santos, and professional womens surfer and model Alana Blanchard.

Andrew is a qualified personal trainer, yoga teacher, physical therapist and university sport science lecturer.


“ I've just returned from a 2 week boat trip surfing the Banyak Islands and want to say thanks for getting me flexible, surf fit and ultimately able to spend every day (nearly all day) in the water!

Overall, I enjoyed working up to my trip (cursed your name very little) and look forward to joining you for a bootcamp session at Croyde and possibly a Surf fit retreat.”

Scott Gay

How much does it cost?


Want to take your surfing to another level?
Get to the end of a session and still have arms in tact?
Maybe you're going on the trip of a lifetime and want to make sure your fitness is up to it.

All of this can be reached by completing the 6 week course at a cost of £199 / $275 USD.

All you need to do is click on the buy now buttons, complete the payment
We'll then be in touch to start your 6 week course.

Surf Fit Online Programme
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  • Signed up to Blakey's 6 week surf fitness programme to prepare for a surf trip. Felt super strong the whole time, no injuries, and definitely got the most out of the trip! Thanks heaps for getting me surf ready and surf strong!
    — Deepa (Kobe Surf)
  • Blakey and Bex make the perfect team. It’s the whole package for an athlete. Training, yoga, therapy, rehab, massage, sport psychology and meditation.
    — Garret Mcnamara, Hawaii 2015
  • I wouldn’t be where I am without Blakey. His varied sessions and consistent setting of new goals and testing have helped me remain motivated and make fitness fun and not a chore.
    — Big wave professional surfer, Andrew Cotton, 2016
  • The only thing that is keeping me sane on this little island is Bay Fitness yoga, Boxing, and surf specific tabata intervals.
    — Alana Blanchard, 2012
  • Mavericks wipeout has been the worst injury I can remember. On the road to getting back in the water. Thanks @Blakeybayfitness for the amazing support, rehab and body work.
    — Garret Mcnamara, Instagram, May 2016