A bespoke online program to help you meet your individual needs and goals. The comprehensive program includes:

  • An in depth screening of your lifestyle, posture, movement patterns, injury, health and fitness. 

  • A quantitative program specific to your needs and goals whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, Manage stress, run a marathon, improve performance in your sport, protect your body from injury, improve longevity or become an underwear model! 

The program is very comprehensive and can include: 

  •  Mobility and yoga videos

  •  Injury rehabilitation and 'Prehabilitation' programs and/or videos to tackle your imbalances and compensatory patterns. 

  • Meditation and breathing videos and programs to help you manage the mind. 

  • Strength and conditioning sessions in the gym and in videos you can do anywhere. 

  • Nutrition plan to help you reach your specific goals. 

  • Swim sessions

This is not a general fitness program you can find on the internet or in a book. This is a very comprehensive personalised, tailored program specific to you, your needs, your imbalances, your injury concerns, your areas for development.

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Netfitz Online Programme
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